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IST Standards, Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the IS&T Policies, Procedures and Standards web site. The site is fashioned to provide comprehensive information regarding the policy, procedure and standard process within IS&T. It provides quick access links to a variety of IS&T-related documents, resources and contact information organized as follows:

Provides a listing of all IS&T policies arranged by numeric policy code and policy title.  The dates each policy was adopted, amended and last reviewed are also displayed, followed by a link to easily access and display the policy.

Provides the same information as that provided by the IS&T Policies link, but for Procedures and Standards.

Any policies, procedures and standards that have been updated are identified here chronologically, by month posted to the web site.  The type of update, e.g., new policy adopted, existing procedure revised, etc., is also noted, followed by a link to easily access and display each document.

Provides handy access to a variety of ancillary and supporting documents, including templates, process flows, policy review summary, implementation outline etc., that are used in creating, reviewing, updating and disseminating policies.  

Provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding policies and procedures, the role played by the IS&T Project Management Office (PMO) in the policy and procedure process, how an IS&T policy on a given topic can be located, what to do if you think a new policy should be written or an existing policy should be revised, and links to policies and procedures organized by topic, e.g., policies and procedures related to mobile communications devices. 

Provides contact information for any questions or issues that may arise regarding IS&T policies and procedures.


Revised: 8/26/2011

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